Is What I’m Doing Enough?

This is a question I know many of us ask ourselves on a daily basis. Am I wearing the right clothes? Am I in the right major? Did I write a good enough paper for an A? Every day we look at ourselves under a microscope, zoomed in to the millionth degree and we agonize over every detail of our lives and we ask: am I enough?

This question haunts us as we travel through our society. But it also burdens us on a deeper level as well. Just recently I was talking with a friend about whether or not what she was doing was enough for God. She is pursuing her passion. She is working toward something that has the potential to make her happy, and even better, gives her an amazing opportunity to serve others. And yet she was genuinely wondering if it was all too good to be true. Could she truly be happy and serve God at the same time? In order to serve God well didn’t she have to go over seas and minister? Could God truly be satisfied with the effort she was making here?

Ephesians 2:10 says, “for we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.”

We are God’s special creation. He made no mistakes with us, we are His handiwork, He created us personally. He took time and He thought about what our role would be in His kingdom.

We were created for good works there are no rules about what this looks like. It just means we roll up our sleeves and dive in to the work God has set before us, no matter what that job is.

And God prepared our jobs in advance. He planned ahead. He has a specific purpose for us. So to minimize the call on our lives is telling God He made a mistake in giving us our calling. To doubt or question the importance or worthiness of what we are doing is questioning God’s plan and His judgment on what is good and important and worthy.

God is most glorified when we are most satisfied in Him.

Friends, I don’t think we have to choose between being happy and serving God. And I don’t believe that God holds those who travel overseas to do His work in higher regard than those who stay in the States to do His work. The important thing is that we are DOING HIS WORK. I truly believe we are called to serve The Lord right where we are with a joyful heart. We don’t have to travel across the world in order to glorify His name. (And honestly if you aren’t serving Him well here, in the little things, you probably won’t be too successful trying to serve Him in the big things.) We all have different callings. Some people are meant to travel to far away lands where English is unknown in order to spread the gospel. But some of us are meant to stay home and make just as great of an impact on God’s people here.

Going or staying is not the important part. It’s the doing that matters most.

God doesn’t care if we are helping someone cross the street or translating bibles; as long as we are doing it in His name, He is being glorified!

It is when we avoid his nudgings and the calls He places in our lives that God is dissatisfied with us.

And another thing, serving God doesn’t have to be miserable! In fact, it shouldn’t be. God places desires on our hearts for a reason. Pursue those in His name and His name will be lifted high.

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